At the heart of Pisani Builders, Associates Inc. is the founder and president Christopher Pisani. Chris is a second generation builder working in the Bucks County Area of Pennsylvania with a company history of building custom homes for more than 20 years. Chris’s strong background of homebuilding and design was forged by working with his father’s company and his education in Architecture.


Chris started with the passion of building custom homes that people dream of. In the beginning, he started with a few homes and has now expanded his goal into a full development company complete with excavation. At present Pisani Builders Associates, Inc. is among the leading custom home builders in the Bucks County Area. Its exceptional designs, customer service, and one on one customer relations give its clients a unique and gratifying experience in the purchase of their new custom home.


Pisani Builders Associates, Inc. along with its staff, have a deep passion for creating custom homes with a structural integrity that will give joy and comfort for many years to come. They look forward to inviting their tradition of excellence to all who seek such an experience.